Roy-El’s Stallion Station

Roy-El offers a state of the art reproduction lab and stallion facility. Roy-El can house and stand your stallion, collect, and ship wherever needed. Roy-El can also arrange for advertising and promotion. Roy-El can ship semen anywhere, and offers next day services (in some situations same day). We have an excellent veterinarian on call to assist as needed.

Roy-El also offers complete mare care. From teasing, to ultrasounds, to foaling - we’ve got your mare covered. We can have semen shipped here, and artificially inseminate, your mare. She is welcome to stay with us throughout her term, through weaning and/or rebreeding. Or she can simply come to foal.

The Farm’s mare care center has a state of the art camera system which monitors your mare 24/7 and a veterinarian on call at all times. The system can even record the birth, so you will always have that memory.

Roy-El’s Breeding Manager, Erlene Seybold-Smythe, is certified in Artificial Insemination, Frozen Semen and Breeding Management by Colorado State University, one of the leading veterinary programs in the United States.

1302 N. McCurdy Rd., Española, NM 87532

(505) 603-6016